Thursday, August 15, 2013

I am back to discuss Strategic Communication!!!

Hello Readers,

I am back and for those who are new to my page, my name is Jenny Nelson. I am currently working towards my Master's degree in Strategic Communication. I received a Bachelor's degree in English in 2010. I am currently taking my 6th class in my Master's program. I have four more to go before I graduate. I am hoping to graduate in July 2014. My blog will consist of topics such as the following: the latest on traditional media, social networking and strategic communication, media convergence, blogging, global impact of emerging media, and the future of emerging media. I will be blogging every week for the next nine weeks. I hope to use my blog as reference and teaching tool for when I start teaching Communication courses. I hope my readers will get a better understanding about strategic communication and emerging media and why it is changing and how it is evolving over the next few years. Please feel free to comment on anything I write. I would love to hear some feedback and would love to start communicating about strategic communications.

You can find my blog my going to my url:

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