Monday, October 7, 2013

Must Watch This Movie - Disconnect

Hello Readers,

This will be my last blog for a while. I plan to write again at some point but not on a weekly basis. These last few weeks I hope that you have enjoyed my postings and have learned a lot from them. I hope you learned a lot about media convergence, citizen blogging, crowd-sourcing, branding, and children/teens and using emerging media. One day when I teach communication courses, I hope to use this blog as an example for my students. As I end this chapter of my blog for now, I would like to recommend a movie that I have recently watched with my husband. The movie is called Disconnect. It is a great movie for all communication professionals to watch. The film talks about how we are so connected online; however, we are so disconnected with the people around us. The film follows the lives of several families that are somewhat destroyed via cellphones and computers. This movie is a wonderful film about technology and human relationships. The last blog that I posted concentrated on children and young teen adults and the pros and cons of them using technological devices. The movie Disconnect definitely demonstrates a teenager that has his life turned upside down because of mobile phones and the internet. The movie also shows how teenage bullying can go too far with the help of digital devices. As I have stated previously, technology is not all bad; however, if we become too consumed by it, it can destroy us. Both adults and children need to learn boundaries and establish limits when it comes to using digital devices. As you will see and find out, if you watch the movie, people that are sucked in and become addicted to technology tend to lose control of their own lives. If you want to learn more about the movie before renting or buying, please check out the link below:

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